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About Us

Company name Yoshimoto Printing CO.,LTD.
Operation Printing (Flexo printing, Offset transfer printing, Inkjet printing
Address Head Plant: 393 Abeguchishinden Aoi-Ku Shizuoka #421-2114
Uchimaki Plant: 375 Uchimaki Aoi-Ku Shizuoka #421-2118
Abeguchi Plant: 396 Abeguchishinden Aoi-Ku Shizuoka #421-2114
Warehouse: 734-1 Ashikubo Oku-Gumi Aoi-Ku Shizuoka #421-2125
Thailand Plant:
Eastern Seabord Industrial Estate (Rayong) , 64/44 Moo4, Tambol Pluakdeang,
Amphuakdean Rayong 21140, Thailand
Capital 50 million yen
Turnover 1.45 billion yen
Bankers Shizuoka Bank, Shizuhata branch
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Shizuoka branch
Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Shizuoka branch
Directors Representative director: Atsushi Yoshimoto
Director: Hideshi Shirai
Director: Manami Yoshimoto
Employee 80
Plant Area Head Plant: Site 2,310m2 / Floor area 3,848m2
Uchimaki Plant: Site 2,634m2 / Floor area 3,400m2
Abe Plant: Site 1,268m2 / Floor area 1,120m2
Affiliated Company Advanced flexo technology(Proprietary company)
Subcontract Plant Seikei-Sha Ltd (Apparel plant - Employee 40)

History of Yoshimoto Printing CO.,LTD.

August 1957 Started as private business. Packages of green tea are printed by offset.
1973 Developed heat transfer printing system by offset to textile for advertizing.
January 1978 Reorganized to a stack company
October 1983 Started Flexo printing plant (Uchimaki)
1999 Introduced 24 hours production system
2001 established new Flexo plant (Abeguchi)
May 2005 Started Thailand plant, Yoshimoto Flexo Printing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2007 Obtained ISO9001
2013 established new Flexo plant (Head plant)

Access to Yoshimoto Printing CO.,LTD.

By car
About 30 minutes from the Shizuoka IC on Tomei Highway road.

By Train/bus
Takes Shizutetsu bus (Just Line), Miwa-Ohya line at the JR Shizuoka station north bus terminal, and gets off at the stop of [Shimoyokita]. Takes 2 minutes to the company

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