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Product development by Flexo printing

Product Sample

Please suggest us collaborative development with your company.

We believe that we can handle any requests from customers by Flexo printing system, adaptabilities to environments and our cutting-edge technologies.

1. Characteristics of the Flexo printing, which does not select printing materials
With the Flexo printing, printing on unexpected materials can be conducted. Direct printing on various materials such as uneven surface materials and stretchy materials are executed.

Product Sample

2. In Flexo printing, application quantity is extremely little. This is outstanding feature.
The Flexo printing is also good at handling even solid printing and fine coating. The Flexo printing has unexpected possibilities beyond merely printing products.

3. Cutting-edge technologies of water-based flexo printing.
Environmental loads caused from massive printing are extremely reduced. Since VOC and energy is hardly used, greenhouse effect gas is minimized compared to other printing systems.

4. Stability of Flexo printing
Flexo printing makes stable printing products even in massive lots. Microscopic print makes it possible to bring stable massive printing works.

Flexo printing handles various kinds of difficult materials.

● Convex printing method using photopolymer

Since the printing plate is elastic photopolymer, bonded materials with emboss on its surface or coarse materials can be printed in good quality.

● Stretchy materials

In case of printing material with the center drum system printing-machine, material is multi-color printed while it is wound on the center drum, and so even stretch materials are printed by good registration accuracy. Since diameter of the center drum is very large, ruck on materials are completely stretched when printed.

● Printing to textile

When textile is printed directly, the center drum plays a role as a belt, resulting in avoiding bow, and so estimated accuracy can be secured.

● Nowoven textile

Printing on nowoven textile are also greatly executed since ink is inserted even into embossed pattern by elasticity of Flexo printing photopolymer plate.

● Papers

Flexo printing handles papers with coarse surfaces

● Film

Stretch or uneven films can also be printed with good quality.