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Many plants in environmentally conscious areas are now in the process of introducing flexography.

Activities for environments

Environmental conservation movement as a critical task is a social mission every country must carry out. Under these circumstances, the numbers of flexographic (hereinafter referred to as "flexo") business creation has been increased as a percentage of world trade.  Advantages of the flexo (non-volatile organic compound) water-based ink allow constructive approach to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas.  In this state, we are in harmony with environmental aspects on a global level.

We have established high technology and quality assurance standards on our unique flexo printing process.

Activities for Environments
We have searched from every possible angle of a flexo printing for long period of time. In 1983, we established the Japan's first, very unique printing plant dedicated to flexography. Thanks to our accumulated know-how and technologies, we pride ourselves on being one of the most advanced companies in this field. We have opened the way for flexography on package films with 100% of water-based inks to practical use. And also, the package products shipping from our plants meet all integrity standards as approved by major food companies.

Strict Quality Control and ISO 9001 Certification

Product Sample height

We respond productively to large lot productions. On the other hand, we perform a very strict sanitary management which should be essential in the process for food and medical packages. The process meets hygiene criteria of a leading global food service retailer.

Diversified R&D meets individual customer needs

Applied to various printing materials height

Printing on an unexpected fabric, which has rough surface, even an object consists of elasticized or uneven materials can be conducted. Since the application quantity of ink can be minimized, our technology will open up business opportunities beyond the conventional printing field

Three Domestic Plants Dedicated to Flexo

Headquarters height

Uchimaki plant, located in the north part of Shizuoka-city, was established in 1983, where three printing machines are running. Abeguchi plant was established in 2001, where 8-color printing with materials of width in 1,920 mm is handled. Head office factory was expanded in 2013 to introduce a state-
of-the-art flexo printing machine from Italy.

Our Flexography in Thailand

Thailand Plant height

"Yoshimoto Flexo Printing Thailand Co., LTD." is located in the Rayong industrial complex of Chonburi, in the south-east direction from Bangkok. Main product sipping from this plant is printing on film materials using 100% of water-based inks.